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Zenith Irfan

Zenith Irfan, also known as The Motorcycle Girl of Pakistan, broke all stereotypes when she became the first female motorcyclist to travel across the country. She defied all the norms associated with girls in Pakistan and took this oath of fulfilling the dream of her deceased father of riding across the country on his bike when she was just 20 years old. She travelled 3200 kilometers on her bike from Lahore to Khunjerab Pass in 2015. Since then she has gone to more trips on her bike inspiring millions of girls across the country. She completed her bachelors from a renowned university of Pakistan and balanced her studies and passion effortlessly. A feature film, The Motorcycle Girl, was released on 20th April, 2018, based on her journey. She plans to start a company to promote motorcycle-based tourism. She is fearless, bold and determined-qualities of a true Earthmover.

"I did this for my father and I still do it for him. For me, going and riding across Pakistan is a spiritual endeavour"

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