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UMAR KHAN A.K.A. UKHANO Vlogger|Photographer|Theater Artist

Umar Khan, also known as ‘Ukhano’, is a photographer, vlogger, content creator and a theatre artist, constantly pushing himself on the creative landscape, depicting the true essence of an Earthmover.

Parents in Pakistan usually prefer their children to go into professions like Medicine, Engineering or Corporate Sector. Whenever a child is born, people label him/her as either the future ‘engineer’ or ‘doctor’ of the family. However, Umar had a low attention span during his childhood and did not have any inclination towards such subjects, making him feel as if he was an underachiever. However, he did not let this stop him and through perseverance paved his way towards creativity and decided to pursue Media Studies at the most renowned art school of the country, National College of Arts (NCA). This opened doors for him to drive his dreams and passion to pursue creative content creation and established himself as a successful vlogger of the country at just the age of 22 years where he uses his videos to put his ideas into reality and portray a positive image of the country. In just a span of a few years since then, he started his vlogging journey he has gathered a huge fan base on his Instagram and YouTube channel as his witty nature and positivity inspire people and enable them to view the beauty of Pakistan from an optimistic lens.

"My biggest fear is not being able to fulfill my full creative potential. Although there’s no yardstick to measure this, when you’re unaware of something; it’s a goal. As soon as you’ve explored it, you shift your vision to another goal. My goal right now is to represent Pakistan on a national and international level. I always try to shed a positive light on even the most negative of things. Creative potential may vary, but I’m fixated on my ultimate goal that is constant"

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